Top Best Practices and Principles from 2022

In This Episode: • Georgia Baptist Discipleship averages 16,000+ interactions monthly • Georgia Baptist Discipleship Facebook has grown from 60 to 3400+ members • Two ways to win FREE products and gift cards! • Implementing an intentional culture and an identifiable disciple-making plan are foundational (Broadcast: Brandon Guindon: Disciple-making Culture). • Why is strategic planning necessary for long-term church health (Broadcast: Leo Endel-Small Church Strategic Planning). • Keys to take advantage of significant energy & build attendance bumps (Broadcast: Levi Skipper- Riding the Waves of Attendance) • Challenge to train and empower lay leaders in 2023 (Broadcast: Steve Parr interview) • Ways to create a culture where everyone feels welcome and included (Broadcast: Mark Hearn interview). • Best practices: healthy churches need healthy pastors. Jim Putman shares how his pride almost upended his ministry. Jim also has the BEST quote of the year… the difference between wrestling and wrastling! • What leaders can do to reverse the trend of not being able to replace staff and fill ministry responsibilities. • Barna's study showed that 42% of pastors surveyed considered quitting, NOT just leaving but quitting. • 400-500 churches in GA without a pastor, and this is echoed around the nation • Virtual Reality discipleship. An example of leaders thinking beyond borders to thrive in the future church (Broadcast: Mike Wynn & team, PJ Dunn, Carl Johnson, Virtual Reality Discipleship) Lightning Round: • Best book read in 2022, in addition to the Bible? • Essential leadership qualities needed to win in the future church? • What was the top struggle you noticed in 2022 among pastors/staff? • Least talked about topic in discipleship that should be a headline? • Most creative solution and the problem it solved? *Listing with links to all topics and guests: Emotional Health: Ride the Waves: Health in Disciple-Making: Disciple-Making Culture: Current Church Trends: Small Church Strategic Planning: Calling Out the Called: VR Discipleship:
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