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Health in Disciple-Making: Marcus Glass & Judi Jackson

PJ was waiting at the end of the water ride for his friends he had invited that day to join them. He was unable to ride it due to weight restrictions. Suddenly he realized that food had made a wedge between him and disciple-making. The time waiting for the ride is where disciple-making happens, and he was sidelined. More on PJ's story here --> https://gabaptist.org/food-physical-wellness/ PJ talks about health in disciple-making with Dr. Judi Jackson and Dr. Marcus Glass on this broadcast. Dr. Judi Jackson has been connected with NOBTS for over three decades. She has a Ph.D. in Christian Education and has taught as an adjunct professor since 1995. One of her primary classes on the main campus was "Total Wellness and The Minister." Moving with her husband Allen to Atlanta six years ago, Georgia, Dr. Jackson currently serves at the NOBTS extension center in Atlanta as Student Services Director. Dr. Marcus Glass earned a doctorate from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, and is an adjunct professor with Beulah Heights University at their extension center in Albany, GA. He is the lead pastor at New Seasons Baptist Church in Albany, GA. This is a sensitive issue and hard to discuss. Here are some areas the team discusses today: • PJ shares data on the physical health of disciple-makers in the church o Nearly half of pastors feel they don't get enough sleep o 4 out of 10 have high blood pressure o 1 out of 10 have had a cardiac event o 31% have high cholesterol • Dr. Judi talks about how we define "health" o Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Social, Environmental • Dr. Glass is a workout machine! But that doesn't mean a Bivocational pastor, full-time with the fire department, and full-time husband and father comes naturally or easily! • PJ shares his journey of weight loss and not using food as a counselor • How can our overall health affect our ability to make disciples? • For many in the past years, mental health has been challenging; where do disciple-makers go to find help? • Where does a person start that is looking to improve their health?

Can Discipleship and Evangelism Coexist? Jordan & Ernest Easley

In this episode: Dr. Ernest Easley earned a bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University, master’s from SWBTS, and doctoral degree from Luther Rice. Ernest served over 31 years as senior pastor and his impact among Southern Baptists is immeasurable. His voice of reason and wisdom brought confidence and peace helping to make decisions that strengthened the Southern Baptist Convention. Ernest was the first professor of Evangelism in school history at Union University in Jackson, TN and is now the teaching pastor at FBC Cleveland where his son Jordan pastors. Jordan Easley is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Cleveland, TN after serving with some of the country’s most influential ministries including Long Hollow Baptist Church (David Landrith), Second Baptist Houston (Ed Young), First Baptist Atlanta (Charles Stanley) and Prestonwood Baptist Church (Jack Graham). He earned his bachelor’s degree at Dallas Baptist University and is concluding his master’s degree at Union University. He is an author, national speaker, and most recently he co-authored Resuscitating Evangelism with Earnest Easley. Ernest shares: • what it is like now serving alongside his son and pastor, Jordan • on the national level there is a great concern about the decline of evangelism across the SBC (40+ years) • when the decline of evangelism and baptism began • the destructive temptation of tying your identity as a leader to what you do rather than who you are in Christ • talks about the critical role of the Holy Spirit in making disciples through the local church • fleshes out the principle of Strategy + Synergy + Systematic=Success • speaks a word to bi-vocational pastors Jordan shares: • talks about sharing the gospel with OJ Simpson in an airport • about the importance of having wisdom around you when making decisions • Talks about their new book Resuscitating Evangelism and how evangelism and discipleship are necessary • explains the concept of giving “an anemic gospel presentation” from the book • talks about the need for leaders being able to close the sermon • unpacks the discipleship strategy at First Cleveland Scott shares: • how FBC Haughton added 1800 members in 10 years and why they failed to grow in years 6-10. • that the older he gets the better he was • that unhealthy churches with a lack of disciple making presence is the unpaid bill of the 20th century • how healthy churches multiply disciples, groups, and churches

Ride the Waves - Levi Skipper

In this episode: Dr. Levi Skipper is the Church Strengthening Strategist here at GBMB. He earned a Doctorate degree at Luther Rice, a master's from NOBTS, and Shorter University in GA. Levi served as pastor for over two decades in several churches, most recently at Concord Baptist in NE, GA. He saw baptisms grow 122% and SS grew 115% during his tenure. He is the author of "Resolved" and "Spiritual Avalanche" as well as "Marriage in the Red." Levi is a national speaker and a "has been athlete," not to mention having the best hair at GBMB! Dr. Skipper spent two years between his 1st and 2nd pastorate in Africa, establishing pastor training schools where he trained over 300 leaders in Southern Ethiopia. In this episode, you'll find: • One of the most significant challenges for local church pastors and keys to solve it • Why equipping must accompany the announcement of needs to a congregation • Levi identifies three naturally occurring attendance bumps that he calls "waves." • Scott and Levi talk about the necessity of long-range planning and goal-setting for pastors/leaders • Levi has a particular word of encouragement for bi-vocational and multi-vocational leaders • Dr. Skipper shares a new resource called "Ride the Waves" and helps leaders understand how to use the resource to maximize impact during these waves. • https://www.ridethewaves.church/start • Levi explains how the Ride the Waves resource can help churches go "next level." • Scott shares that God is NOT opposed to effort, but He is opposed to earning. He then gives three concepts to help leaders grow as a disciple leader.

Getting to Know Bill Hull and the Discipleship Gospel We Teach

In this broadcast, PJ and Bill Hull discuss why defining the Gospel is the starting point for disciple-making and how it connects to the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We get to know Bill Hull a little more about how he has changed as a disciple-maker throughout his life. Bill is one of the most prolific writers on discipleship in our generation and has been a pastor for over 20 years and starting the Bonhoeffer Project. His books include the Discipleship Gospel, Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, and The Disciple-Making Pastor. In this episode, we discuss: • How 65% of pastors are satisfied with discipleship in their church, yet we see a decline in disciple-making in the SBC. • Bill's connection to David Letterman! • Why pastors rank relationships #7 in attributes of a growing disciple. • Lessons learned from Bill's extensive research on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer • Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die." • Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God." • Defining the Discipleship Gospel and what it means • "You can't make a Christlike disciple from a non-discipleship gospel." • Unpack how conversion and discipleship have to be connected to create disciple-making • PJ shares his early stages of disciple-making and how it has changed through the years • Bill talk about how he was influenced by Robert Collman and Dallas Willard • The impact of journaling a tool in disciple-making • "If we begin with a proper understanding of discipleship, we can then explain sanctification as living out discipleship." - Conversations & Discipleship, Bill Hull • "Are you treating disciple-making as if someone else has to pass the test for what you're learning?" • Bill's one do-over in life and one message with the world in one sentence

Marketplace Ministry - Jim Allen & Jay McSwain

In this episode: JIM ALLEN is the Senior Vice President for the World Champion Atlanta Braves!! He has served in the Braves organization over 31 years. Jim has completed an ironman, six marathons, and in addition to all his executive duties with the Braves organization, he serves as an elder at Perimeter Church. JAY MCSWAIN, is the President and Founder of PLACE Ministries. He is an author and national speaker. Jay has served in churches with membership of 10 to over 9,000 and is known widely as an expert in local church assimilation. Jay currently serves as Pastor of Discipleship at First Redeemer Church in Cumming, GA. He played on the 1980 UGA national championship football team and currently serves the Braves organization as chaplain for the World Champion Atlanta Braves. Jim shares behind the scenes experience of winning the World Series in 1995 and 2021 and essentials for building a correct culture to achieve and sustain success. Scott relays that unhealthy churches with a lack of disciple making presence are the unpaid bill of the 20th century. Jay talks about leaving a family business that was one of the largest and most lucrative construction companies in the nation to pursue ministry. Scott shares about his dad starting a business in the oil and gas industry, nearly going bankrupt, then growing it to 27+ employees before selling in 2019 and the effect it had on him as a disciple of Jesus. Jim and Jay share how they integrate Faith and the Gospel in a secular marketplace that is rarely friendly to a Christian’s world view. Jay talks about how God used a family tragedy to strengthen his faith and give him a marketplace ministry mindset. Jim talks about being part of a men’s group at Perimeter Church and how he personally is investing in others in the Braves organization. Jay talks about leading a former Braves pitcher to Christ and a year later that player died. Jim shares keys to keeping Jesus first from watch professional players manage family, faith, and professional life. Scott shares the difference between influence and impact. “Influence is my capacity to affect others and impact is the fruit of my influence.” Jay gives guidance for pastors who want increase gospel impact through the marketplace ministry. Scott shares that “the greatest gospel force on the planet is not the preacher in the pulpit, it’s the lay person in the pew who is equipped to serve.”

4 Chair Discipling - Dann Spader

In this episode Interview with Dr. Dann Spader, founder of Sonlife Ministries and currently serves as President of Global Youth Initiative, an alliance of organizations in 95 countries committed to “equipping young leaders for movements of multiplication.” He’s trained 750,000+ people in 90+ countries to make disciples through organizations he has led. He is national speaker and author of 4 Chair Discipling, Walk Like Jesus, Live Like Jesus and co-author of Growing a Healthy Church and The Everyday Commission, among other titles. • Find out why Dann spells his name with two n’s “nn” and what it’s like growing up with 15 siblings! • Dr. Spader talks key elements of a healthy church and why many churches fail; trying to put new wine in an old wineskin • Dann talks about the importance of changing values before you change structure • Spader shares the need for a movement not more programs and the critical difference • He gives an overview of the 4 Chairs of Discipling o Come and see (the lost-John 1:39) o Come follow me (the believer-John 1:43) o Become fishers of men (the worker-Matthew 4:19) o Go and bear fruit (disciplemaker-John 15:16) • One must fall in love with real Jesus not a version of Jesus based on what you get from Him • There is a “Yes” to be put on the table at every level of a believer’s walk with Christ • Scott talks about moving people from being the recipient of the church’s mission to being responsible for the mission • Dann dives deeper into John 15 and the blessing of being pruned. Ouch! • Scott and Dann talk about key differences between discipleship in America with limited results and disciplemaking movements happening across the globe

Why Your Emotional Health Matters - Drew Hyun

We are excited to share with you a discussion with Drew Hyun, Church Planter and Pastor of Hope Church Midtown, as well as the founding pastor of Hope Church NYC, a family of diverse churches in New York City, and co-founder of the New City Network, a network of urban churches. Drew has spoken extensively on the emotional health of the disciple maker. While serving at New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NY, Drew was mentored by Pete Scazzero, pastor and author of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship: Moving from Shallow Christianity to Deep Transformation. Hear Drew and Ray discuss… • What is emotionally healthy discipleship? • What does it mean to follow Jesus well? • What’s wrong with Western Christianity’s measure of success? How should a healthy disciple-maker measure success? • How does our history and family of origin affect our emotional health? What does Drew mean by “Jesus may be in your heart, but Grandpa is still in your bones.” • What are some practical steps for pastors and leaders to be (and remain) an emotionally healthy disciple?

Disciple-Making w/ Barry St. Clair

We are excited to share a discussion with Dr. Barry St. Clair, founder of Reach Out Youth Solutions. Barry has lived on the cutting edge of disciple-making and family ministry for over 40 years, impacting over 30 countries. Through Reach Out, Barry has developed Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry and Parent Fuel to equip youth leaders, parents, and the churches to multiply disciple-making. In this episode: • Barry shares how playing collegiate and professional basketball influenced his journey of disciple-making and the importance of having someone pour into you as you pour into others. • Scott shares a lesson learned from a waitress and a cobb salad! • Barry talks about a clear definition of a “disciple” and why believers must learn to “be” before they “do.” • Barry shares a key to influencing your child’s dating life. Invite him to JOIN your discipleship group! • Dr. St. Clair talks about pouring into Josh Smith, who is not the pastor at Prince Avenue Baptist Church and one of the best leaders in Georgia Baptist life. • Barry talks about multiplication as an end goal, so start with the end in mind. • Scott explains the slow fade into a “silhouette of discipleship.” • The guys discuss where programs, systems, structures, and buildings fit into a healthy church’s plan. • Disciple-making is all about intentionally investing in relationships. • Where do I start if I want to begin making disciples right now? Spend time alone with Jesus. Identify 3-5 people who are curious and will commit to meeting regularly with you. Meet weekly to grow in Christ. Plan to multiply. Be sure to subscribe and never miss an episode: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

The Revolutionary Disciple - Jim Putman & Chad Harrington

Wow! Mark your calendar today for the interview with Jim Putman and Chad Harrington, co-authors of The Revolutionary Disciple. Jim is a three-time All-American wrestler and the co-founder & Senior Pastor of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho. Outreach Magazine lists Real Life Ministries among the top one hundred most influential churches in America. Chad is the founder of HIM Publications and Harrington Interactive Media. Chad has degrees from Ozark Christian College and Asbury Theological Seminary. In my opinion, Chad is a gift to the local church by helping self-publishing authors to publish quality books. In this episode: • Jim shares the difference between wrestling and wrastling!! • We also hear Jim talk about his “ministry almost being upended because of his pride.” • Scott shares how humility; the theme of the book is the least celebrated and most overlooked tool in most leader’s toolbelt • Hear Chad share why Philippians brought a “humility revolution” and the definition literally changed after Jesus came • “my confidence makes my leadership believable. But my humility makes my confidence believable” Tim Elmore • Jim shares personal advice for single staff and bi-vocational leaders • Hear about a book that helped Jim understand that video is not the best tool to create a joyful experience • What to do if you’re trying to color a 2022 picture with a 1950s color palette • The guys talk about 5 spheres of discipleship: o Abiding with Christ in Humility o The Church Sphere-what is the minimum requirements to be a church and where does online church fit o The Home Sphere-Chad shares 1/3 of US homes are single family households o The World Sphere-Jim talks about the importance of the Acts 4 (when to stand) and Romans 13 (when to sit) paradigm o The Spiritual Sphere-exaltation comes after humiliation *We will provide a 50% off coupon and passcode for all our viewers to purchase The Revolutionary Disciple!

Johnny Hunt: Investments That Matter Most in 2022

Pastor Johnny was the pastor at FBC Woodstock, GA for over 33 years and now serves as the VP of Evangelism and Leadership at NAMB. He’s a nationally known speaker, author, and leadership icon. The only thing that surpasses his love to see other pastors succeed is his love for Mrs. Janet, his wife of over 50 years. In this episode, you’ll hear: • The two most important words in Pastor Johnny’s life. • The question he asked himself that changed the direction of his leadership and how mentoring the next generation became his passion. • How a couple in his first church adopted Johnny & Janet early in his career. You’re going to be surprised to hear the emotional reason this couple had for grafting the Hunt’s into their family. WOW. • Johnny tell how he only had one commentary, one suit, and sold everything when he went to college. • Him tell the story of being voted into your first pastorate when he wasn’t even the guy the church had gathered to vote on… he was a write-in! • Keys to success in future church for leaders. • Shares details about dealing with depression and how he overcame it… worth the price of admission! • Shares wisdom for the single staff or bi-vocational leaders seeking to grow in this tsunami of cultural change? • And the surprising answer to, what would you do differently if you had a “do over” in regards to staff members and building bigger buildings? • Shares the one word he wants on his epitaph. • Hear how stewarding “Otis’ influence” led to he and Janet to pay for dozens of students to attend college/seminary.

Mindset Shifts to Create an Environment that Promotes Diversity w/Mark Hearn

In a 2011 State of the City Address, the mayor of pastor and author Mark Hearn's city said there were fifty-seven languages spoken at the local high school. Hearn left asking himself, How should our church respond? This question led to a movement that brought First Baptist Duluth to reflect its surrounding community. This journey was captured in Georgia Baptists Pastor Hearn’s first book, Technicolor: Inspiring Your Church to Embrace Multicultural Ministry. In this broadcast, Scott and Mark discuss the motivation behind the book and pathways for churches to be a multicultural congregation. Topics include: • Why the title choice and how it relates to being multicultural • Pastors often wish they could reach all nations, but why is that not simple • How to disciple with multiple languages spoken • Ways to apply a discipleship pathway with different cultural backgrounds • Lessons learned while members transitioned to embrace diversity • Insight into how 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation immigrants join an American church • How to emphasize accommodation over assimilation to attract and connect with guests and future members. • 9 lessons learned to help a church become multi-cultural

2021 Discipleship Lessons and Best Practices

Let's talk TOP HIGHLIGHTS & LESSONS LEARNED from 2021. PJ's top Highlights: • Real Friendship is Real Discipleship • Taking Action to be a Disciple-Maker • Volunteers Drive Your Mission Forward PJ's Next Steps for Leaders: • Walk Thru The Bible o Jan 13 FBC Cartersville o Jan 20 2nd Baptist Warner Robbins o Jan 27 Northside Valdosta Ray's Top Highlights: • Tim Elmore quote • Donald Whitney • Gary Lewis and Scott Smith Ray's Next Step for Leaders: • SPARK Conference 2022; 5 locations o Christ Place Gainseville o Eastside Marietta o 2nd Baptist Warner Robbins o Byne Memorial Albany o FBC Rincon Carl's Top Highlights: • Forget about algorithms and trust God and use data to inform decisions. • Making disciples and not just converts. Healthy churches we are studying have an intentional plan to disciple their people. • How you finish is more important than how you begin. Carl's Next Step for Leaders: • Minister Education Essentials at North Metro Baptist Church Lawrenceville, GA on ​May 2-4 Matthew's Top Highlights: • How do you make disciples when you are too busy? • Overbusy schedules are a breeding ground for conflict • Dr. Whitney spiritual disciplines from family Matthew's Next Step for Leaders: • A KEY opportunity happening in 40+ locations are our Learning Communities. • www.gabaptist.org/discipleship Let's also take a moment and share where we are headed in 2022. We have interviews with some of the top leaders in the nation scheduled, including: • Dr. Bryant Wright-President of Send Relief IMB • Dr. Johnny Hunt, Sr VP NAMB Evangelism and Leadership • Jim Putman, Co-founder of Real Life Ministries, and Chad Harrington talk key insights from their new book Revolutionary Disciple. • Kyle Walker pastor FBC Cartersville and preaching professor and Chris Winford FBC Brunswick discuss preaching changes during pandemics and any potential long term effects. • We are also working on an emphasis on spiritual disciplines and why teaching key doctrines needs to be a part of your discipleship process. Be sure to subscribe and never miss an episode: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleshi

Walk Thru The Bible

This week's discussion will help you understand how bible engagement can help to carbonate your capacity to make world impacting disciples. So, join us for this fantastic interview with Phil Tuttle, President and CEO of Walk Thru The Bible. Phil served WTTB for over three decades. He is the author of Raise Up a Child, Crucible: The Choices that Change Your Life Forever, Detour: Finding Purpose When Life Doesn't Make Sense, Revolution: How Millennials Can Change the World, and Chosen: When God Calls Your Name…which we will give away the ebook version for everyone who engages during the live broadcast. Encouraging signs regarding bible engagement • 181 million Americans opened their bible at some point • 71% Americans feel that America would be worse off without the bible • 59% of Protestant church goers are engaged with the bible In this episode: • Why is it so hard for people to engage consistently with Scripture? • Discover the "theology of the mini-van". How you use tools in family discipleship is as important as what you use. • Learn how to earn bonus time with the Apostle Paul serving smores around a campfire!? • The single greatest predictor in life change is personal engagement is scripture engagement. • With regular engagement in Scripture (4 times a week or more), the change became consistent and predictable – o 62% less drinking in excess o 59% less pornography o 59% less sex outside of marriage o 31% less anger o 20% less overeating o 416% increase of financial giving to the church o 228% increase of sharing faith with others o A lot of change aligned with the fruit of the spirit • Find out what raking leaves and digging for diamonds has to do with spiritual growth. • Why success favors the risk-taker!! • And Phil tells us how Walk Thru the Bible can serve the local church… view God accurately and how the entirety of Scripture fits together. • Register today to attend the FREE Walk Thru The Bible Tour in GA. 10:00AM-2:00PM. o January 13th—FBC Cartersville o January 20th—2nd Baptist Warner Robbins o January 27th—Northside Baptist Church Valdosta Be sure to subscribe and never miss an episode: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Gloo and Knowing your Community

What is Gloo??? Gloo uses reporting to uncover your community’s demographics and tells the story about how the people around you are doing in critical dimensions of flourishing. They partner with trusted names like Barna to curate FREE data that helps you know your community better. Gloo is also a partner with many GA Baptist Associations, Churches, and nationally with the SBC. Kristy Shotwell is in Ministry Network Development at Gloo and gives us an inside use of this tool for the local church. In this broadcast, you will find out: - Wait, is this really free? Sign up now at platform.gloo.us ! - PJ gives a summary of his talk at SPARK 2021 on knowing your community - How data needs to drive decisions and feelings are biased. - You are not the expert at everything. Let data help fill in the information gap in your community - Yes, this tool really is free. Share this news with pastors you know! platform.gloo.us - We need to target our reach to become more effective in our ministry efforts. Data can help us do that. - Kristy does a brief overview of the platform.gloo.us platform to show all the valuable insights it has to offer - You will see how this tool not only has data but articles to meaningful insights for your community - Two stories about how data impacted local ministry targets If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Warrior Discipleship: How can Veterans convey their discipleship story?

We appreciate and support our veterans on this special Veterans Day broadcast of Georgia Baptist Discipleship. We talk with Dr. Ray Bennet, one of the nation's foremost experts, on connecting veterans to the local church through discipleship. Matthew Gibbs leads a conversation with Ray and PJ Dunn about how we can do more than asking our veterans to stand in appreciation this year; we can connect them to our churches through discipleship. In this Veterans Day Broadcast, we will: - Give a special appreciation to all our pastors who have served our country - Ray tells us how he got interested in pursuing this subject of enhancing relational connections between veterans and civilians in the local church - Matthew and Ray define "warrior integration" in the local church - PJ talks through how to ask veterans to share their stories when we are not sure how to start the conversation - Discuss the five biblical postwar rituals in the Scripture that will help you relate to veterans! - Reminder that veterans are excellent volunteers and mentors in your church - Ways to move forward honoring veterans in years to come to grow your disciple-making strategy - How to help veterans reflect God's work and glory in their lives through their warrior story - Impact of Ray's passion for connecting veterans and civilian church members. If you can't catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Real Talk in the Glass House with the Mandrels & Sullivans

Pastors and their families live in a "glass house"—an environment where they are left vulnerable to the stress of ministry, the criticism of others, and feel the spotlight on their weaknesses. Lifeway's "The Glass House" is a space where ministry leaders will shed light on the challenges they often don't feel permission to talk about. Listeners who work in the trenches of church life will feel seen and gain tools to navigate ministry and life. Those who live outside this "glass house" will better understand what it's like to dwell there. Pastor and your wives are invited to join Ben and Lynley Mandrell as they talk with Scott and Elizabeth Sullivan about: - Discover how Ben and Lynley met! - How Elizabeth and Lynley find time for family, sanity, and family devotions - Why launch 'The Glass House' now, and why is it personal to the Mandell's? - What Lynley knew before becoming a pastors wife and if she was prepared for this journey - How moments of struggle and pressure developed new passions for ministry - A personal moment to any pastor that is struggling with depression and anxiety - How to lead well in the glasshouse as a pastor, husband, father, and man of God. - A special lighting "real life" round including awkward family moments! If you cant, catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Where to Start on a Discipleship Pathway Process?

"If you're going to risk and maybe fail, fail at something that matters. Fail gloriously so that even in failure, lives change." - Jon Acuff Disciple-makers, the most crucial step in creating a discipleship pathway is starting! Join Discipleship Consultants PJ Dunn & Ray Sullivan with guests Kenny Sexton and Dr. Duane Logsdon. Kenny is the lead pastor at Satilla Baptist Church in Satilla, GA, and Regional Director with the Bonhoeffer Project. Duane is the Associate Pastor of Discipleship at Byne Memorial Baptist Church in Albany, GA. It may feel overwhelming to embark on this journey. We break down some simple first steps to take in this broadcast. We will talk about: - What is the Watershed Principle, and how does it help me create a discipleship pathway? - Programs have a finish. Discipleship is a process! - One clear sign your disciple-making strategy has a big-time issue and room for improvement - Resisting the feeling of being overwhelmed in a disciple-making process - Kenny speaks to the Bonhoeffer Project and how the headwaters are vital to pathway success - Program vs. process model of ministry - Duane addresses how people want to understand the process but feel a program - How deploying a pathway is messier than the infographics we create! - How to be disciplined to the process to see a pathway flourish - When words create worlds, they matter - Two things to shift your congregation towards disciple-makers next week! If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Is Sunday School Broken? Guest: Allan Taylor

Allan Taylor is Executive Pastor of Ministries at First Baptist Concord in Knoxville Tennessee. Previously, he served as Director of Sunday School & Church Education Ministries at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, TN. Allan conducts many Sunday School and Leadership conferences both nationally and internationally and mentors instructs and encourages Christian Educators and Sunday School leaders. He has written two Sunday School books: The Six Core Values of Sunday School and Sunday School in HD. In this broadcast Scott and Allan discuss: - Defining the importance of Biblical teaching for new teachers - Training inspired leaders, 6 sessions to connecting with your volunteers - The ultimate goal of Bible teaching for learners and teachers - How to use curriculum the way it was intended - Examples of teaching from Allan - Dissecting how we teach and how we connect with learners - The most important thing a teaches needs to know to be a good teacher - Reminder from Scott to teachers on why they teach and understanding why they lack passion in teaching If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Curriculum Highlight - What is Dlife?

On this special bonus broadcast, we take a deeper dive into what the D-Life curriculum looks like and how you can use it in your church. We meet with founder Dr. Bill Wilks and his wife Rondie and walk through all aspects of living the D-Life and even model a D-Group meeting. Watch this bonus broadcast and learn more at www.livingthedlife.com. Living the D-Life means living a lifestyle of Disciple-Making. What if you could successfully equip and empower everyone in your ministry for a lifestyle of disciple-making? What if everyone embraced disciple-making as a way of life instead of a program of the church? What if believers all over the world started living out their supreme purpose in life and started making disciples just like Jesus? D-Life places at everyone’s fingertips the power to live a lifestyle of disciple-making. The Bible and the D-Life Web App or Journal are the only tools needed to equip others to lead and to multiply D-Groups. D-Groups are discipleship groups of 3 to 8 people that can meet anytime and anywhere. Digital content on your D-Life Web App includes 4 years of annual Bible reading plans, 4 years of weekly study guides for your D-Groups, and excellent leadership resources for equipping your leaders. The weekly study guides come in both printable and electronic formats. The first year of D-Life is also available in Spanish through the D-Life Web App. D-Life is not a program; it's a lifestyle. It's an organic, intentional, and simple process for equipping all believers for a lifestyle of making and multiplying disciples. • It’s Biblical: With the Bible as your only textbook, D-Life is modeled after the example of Jesus and His six practices of discipleship. • It’s Reproducible: D-Life is a proven plan for multiplying disciples. • It’s Multigenerational: D-Life is for all ages and genders. • It’s Intentional: D-Life training materials are provided for equipping leaders. • It’s Transformational: D-Life is a process for building a disciple-making culture in your ministry. • It’s Affordable: D-Life is a cost efficient and priceless investment of time and resources. If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Discipleship in the Workplace with Beasley Chaplin Ashley Tyree

Pastors and disciple-makers, have you considered extending your disciple-making strategy outside the walls of the church? We need disciple-making strategies and opportunities outside of the church to reflect our "in church” practices. Never assume the workplace is an inaccessible environment to not only share the Gospel but to make disciples. Ashley Tyree is the Chaplain of the Beasley Group (Americas largest hardwood timber producer) located in Hazlehurst, Georgia, and has plants all over the US. He has served Georgia Baptist as a bi-vocational pastor, serving at Lumber City Baptist Church pastor for six years. In this broadcast, Ray, Kenneth, and Ashley discuss: - Chaplaincy in the workplace - What a mealworm has to do with disciple-making - How Ashley was called in the pastorate and then placed into full-time workplace chaplaincy - Encouragement for bi-vocational pastors trying to find to engage people outside the walls of the church - How to mobilize volunteers as a bi-vocational pastor to reach the workplace - Where and how to start a workplace discipleship strategy - How desire, discernment, determination, and devotion affect your workplace discipleship goals If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Michael Catt and A Life of Discipleship

How do we serve faithfully in ministry to have a lifelong disciple-making impact? After 15 years in Youth Ministry, Dr. Catt began pastoring in the 1980s in Oklahoma. He is a producer, author of 9 books, and former Senior Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church from 1989 until his retirement in 2021. He married Terri, and they have two daughters, Hayley and Erin. Michael received an undergraduate degree from Mississippi College, a master of divinity degree from Luther Rice Bible Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary of South Florida. In the broadcast, Scott, PJ, and Michael discuss: - How many pancakes do you have to special order to get a food item named after you in Gatlinburg, TN? - How was it serving at Sherwood for so many years? - What Michael is most proud of in his time at Sherwood - How to finish well in ministry with intentionality - What is Michael Catt up to in retirement? - Scott talks about Michael's influence in his life while serving in local church ministry - PJ's unique view of seeing Michael's last year of full-time ministry - Michael describes how he wants to be remembered If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Church Membership Onboarding & Trends with Chuck Lawless

Dr. Chuck Lawless is Dean of Doctoral Studies and Vice-President of Spiritual Formation and Ministry Centers at Southeastern Seminary in NC, where he also serves as Professor of Evangelism and Missions. In addition, he is Team Leader for Theological Education Strategists for the International Mission Board of SBC. Chuck is a prolific blogger, has written multiple top-selling books, including Membership Matters and Spiritual Warfare. In this broadcast, Scott and Chuck discuss: - Is church membership even needed? - Is church membership biblical, or when did it start? - Help for leaders looking to define church membership for their church - Effectively onboarding members into your church - How effective onboarding can lay a foundation to move people towards Christlikeness - Importance of membership engagement in an overall church ecosystem - Trends in church membership? - Can church membership move people towards Christlikeness - How busyness can make a small issue a BIG issue in our church - Importance of managing priorities that allows us to make clear choices If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Drawing the Net in Your Sermon

Tim Williams has been a faithful evangelist for over 30 years and traveling the world sharing the Gospel. He also serves as the GBMB evangelism consultant in the SW & SE regions preaching each Sunday and inspiring revivals everywhere he serves. In this broadcast, PJ & Ray sit down with Tim to talk through elements of a harvest time in a sermon. Drawing the net in a sermon is not just for decisions for Christ but decisions of any kind. In this broadcast, we discuss: - Ray's pastoring experience and the challenges with getting people to take action - How to lead into an effective invitation at the end of your message - Examples of what to do in a sermon to draw the net to make disciples - How drawing the net increases your ability to make disciples - Ways Tim approaches a harvest time in a sermon and steps to take before and after - PJ's failed (multiple) attempts at drawing the net! - How to define a successful harvest by numbers and spiritual impact If you can't catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Joey Rodgers and 5 Marks of a Disciple

We are so glad to have Dr. Joey Rodgers, author of "Five Marks of a Disciple," with us on this bonus broadcast! He serves as the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in Peachtree City, Georgia. Joey is a graduate of Carson-Newman University and later earned his Masters and Doctorate degrees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is married to his wife, Meg, who lives in Tyrone, Georgia, with their four children. Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you aim at nothing, you are certain to hit it?" By all indications, this is a problem for the church today. In doing the math, things are not adding up. God might call the church to make disciples, but this does not appear to be our result. In the Five Marks of a Disciple, Joey takes an honest look at why the modern church appears to be missing the mark and then retraces the full commission of Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20 to shed some insight on exactly what Jesus had in mind when He called His disciples to reproduce themselves by making disciples of all nations. In this broadcast, Mike, Carl, and Joey discuss: - What disciple-making looks like for first-generation disciples - How leaders can raise second-generation disciple-makers - Where does teaching, baptizing, and going fit into the Great Commission? - Carl asks what differentiates a convert from a disciple - How to avoid redefining the mission to keep programs relevant in your church - A deep dive into the discipleship pathway and implementation at FBC Peachtree City If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Disciple-Making Senior Adults

There are 71.6 million Boomers (57-75 years old) in the United States. That is like 22% of the US population. Many of them have never trusted Jesus with their lives. Many churches have a larger group of older adults that attend, and pastors need to understand how to best disciple them. Those involved in church view discipleship as a program rather than a directive from scripture to be a disciple and a disciple-maker. On this broadcast, we have Mike Keaton and Paul Smith with us. Mike is the Executive Pastor of Church Development at Crossroads Church, and Paul is an active member of that church. They both serve as Impact Discipleship Ministries consultants under the leadership of Ken Adams, the Pastor at Crossroads and Director of Impact ministries. In this broadcast, we will discuss: - Can effective discipleship occur with the senior adults? - Moving senior adults from "soaker" to "seekers." - Helping boomers in the 4th quarter of their life to finish well - The effect of covid on a senior adult ministry model used for decades - Next steps for leaders looking to move their senior adults into a disciple-making mindset If you cant catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

What is Mission Georgia?

On this broadcast, we will be interviewing two special guests with a story at the end you won't want to miss! Our first guest is Lorna Bius, the director of Mission Georgia for GBMB. We will be talking about five areas of Mission Georgia, then Scott will bring on his daughter, Erika White, and talk about her inspiring adoption story into the Sullivan family. Erika has a powerful story of God's hand in her adoption story and firsthand what the adoption process feels like as an older child entering a new family. Mission Georgia has been around a long time, but the emphasis is different. There are 5 specific areas of focus for Mission Georgia: www.missiongeorgia.org • Human Trafficking: The Human Trafficking industry is nearly $300 million/year, and Georgia ranks consistently in the top 10 in the nation. Every month 374 girls are trafficked for sex in Georgia. • Pre-Post Natal Care: Georgia is ranked as the worse state in the country for maternal mortality. 75 of the 159 counties in Georgia do NOT have a practicing OBGYN. • Childhood Literacy: Nearly half of ALL children in Georgia school systems are not reading at their grade level. Children not reading on grade level by the fourth grade are 70% more likely to end up in jail or welfare. • Refugees and Internationals: Christians accounted for 79% of refugees who came to the US. And over 1 million Georgians were born in another country. • Foster Care & Adoption: Georgia will spend $2 million this year in hotels for children in foster care with no home to put them in. Approximately 400 children in foster care will sleep in a hotel tonight. So far in 2021, there have been 13,815 children in Georgia’s foster care system. We also have Kenneth Aycock, our North East Discipleship Consultant, who serves with Family 4 Families, a Mission Georgia partner with churches to enlist and support foster families. This group is incredible and has no cost to you or your church. If you can not catch us live, be sure to subscribe! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship Podcast: gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship

Show Me the Father with Alex & Stephen Kendrick

63% of youth suicides come from fatherless homes 71% of pregnant teenagers come from fatherless homes 85% of youth sitting in prison come from fatherless homes Everyone has a unique father story. Whether positive or painful, it’s always personal and can deeply affect the core of our identity and the direction of our lives. Kendrick Brothers’ SHOW ME THE FATHER is the first documentary film from the creators of WAR ROOM, OVERCOMER, FIREPROOF, and COURAGEOUS Legacy. This captivating movie features a variety of amazing true stories and takes audiences of all ages on an inspiring and emotional cinematic journey. Scott & PJ Sit down with Alex and Stephen Kendrick to talk about: - Why release this movie now, and why a documentary? - Alex talks about the father crisis we have in our culture - Address how the movie addresses all the different types of father stories - Stephen talks about how adoption can be one of the most significant forms of God's Love - PJ asks how you know the difference between supporting adoption and being called to adopt - How the movie tells the stories of fathers like Eddie George and Jim Daly - Scott talks about how our team of consultants can help your men's ministry use this movie as a launchpad for ministry - Discover stories of men already being changed by watching Show Me The Father - The release date for Courageous Legacy (September 24th) www.showmethefathermovie.com www.courageousthemovie.com If you cant join us live, catch us on any of the following platforms: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gadiscipleship/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRESLi21We1lue5FaPAlokA Podcast (Any platform): gabaptistdiscipleship.transistor.fm Instagram: instagram.com/gabaptist_discipleship

Meet Carl Johnson - New Discipleship Consultant in West Central Georgia!

Carl Johnson has proven experience in the local church and local business developing leaders. His heart for disciple-making is an extension of the heart of his pastor, Tyrone Barnette. In this BONUS broadcast, you will get to meet Carl and see how God has prepared him for this part-time role while continuing to serve at Peace Baptist Church, where he has served for years. Carl is a proven leader both in the church and secular world. His investment in the next generation of leaders through adjunct teaching at Luther Rice and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary demonstrates his passion for seeing leaders grow. While serving the pharmaceutical industry, he helped doctors in and around Tucker, Georgia, connect to their patients' right treatments by leading continuing education events. We welcome Carl to our team of discipleship consultants serving nearly 3,600 churches in Georgia to see the needle move in discipleship with great pride and excitement. Will you please take a moment and welcome Carl to our team? E-mail: carljohnson@gabaptist.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carl.johnson.50596

The Sweet Spot of Leadership and Administration with Dr. Jody Dean & Dr. Adam Hughes

How do we find the "sweet spot" of leading well and needing administrative processes? Dr. Jody Dean has over 20 years of local church experience and is the Associate Professor of Christian Education, Sr. Associate Regional Dean of Extension Centers, and Director Mentoring Programs in Christian Education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He teaches in the area of administration, discipleship, and risk management. Dr. Adam Hughes has over 17 years of local church ministry. He’s the Associate Dean of Church Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he teaches courses in preaching, leadership, and pastoral ministry. The good Dr.s talk in this broadcast about: - People feeling burned out from covid, Jody breaks down why this might be happening - Motivation behind the book together we lead (https://dl.bookfunnel.com/9lwlv6uu52) - Are you staying at your church based on your calling or comfort? - Adam expands on the John Maxwell quote, "Everything rises, and fall's on leadership." - Keys to lead through ministry conflict we cant even imagine preparing for - Setting our priorities to spend time on things that really matter as a leader and in administration while we can

Donald Whitney & The Role of Spiritual Disciplines in Disciple-Making

Raise of hands, how many of you have read Dr. Whitney's book on Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life?!? Dr. Donald Whitney is the professor of Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and an Associate Dean of the School of Theology. He has authored nine books, including Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, and is a popular conference speaker, especially on personal and congregational spirituality. He served in pastoral ministry for 24 years. You won't want to leave early on this broadcast! Scott Sullivan and Ray Sullivan talk with Dr. Whitney about: - Lamborghini Fountain Pens - Rays personal connection to Dr. Whitney - Defining "Biblical Spirituality" - Understanding who you are as a child of God and its effect on who we are as leaders - Who Dr. Whitney had as a mentor and what is the first step to mentoring others - How do we care for the souls of others if we don't care for our own souls as pastors? - Encouragement to leaders to take their next step in spiritual disciplines - Your walk with Jesus is worth the investment and will require patience and dependence on the Holy Spirit

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