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How Can I Make Disciples When I am Too Busy? | The Gibb's Family

Family, work, church, friends, school, sports, fun, vacations, crisis, games, volunteering, etc. This list goes on and on of things that make our lives busy! So can we be disciple-makers in a life filled with endless activity begging for our attention? How can we find the time? Being a disciple-maker is not going to happen on accident; it is a choice we have to make. Meet the Gibbs family! Matthew Gibbs is a Discipleship Consultant in the East Central Region with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. For many disciple-makers who have a busy family life, the idea of finding regular time to invest in one another plus make time for our walk with the lord can seem impossible. We meet with part of the Gibbs family to see how they find ways to navigate these challenges. - Matthew: Dad, Father, Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship with Second Baptist Warner Robbins & Part-Time Discipleship Consultant - Kathy: Mom, Wife, Principal at David-Perdue Primary School - Mary Beth: Daughter, Sister, Student at Kennesaw State University and Marketing at KSU Athletics Read the blog: https://gabaptist.org/too-busy-for-disciple-making/ In this broadcast we talk about: -Strong time management can increase work effectiveness by 25-50% in the average leader’s life - Commit to the call to make disciples - Allowing time that is spent with Jesus to be your treasure, NOT your ticket to find a treasure! - God calls us to do two things well: abide & abound and we will never abound until we abide - Creating and guarding margin to make disciples can keep you from going down a "dark path" of leadership failure.

SPARK Preview: How to effectively engage your church in Worship

We are excited to have Rhon Carter on our GBMB team as our Worship Catalyst. Rhon is a gifted singer and talented worship leader born and served in Georgia all his life. Thursday, August 12, 2021, we will host our annual LIVE One-Day Total Church Equipping Conference: SPARK. This will include several breakouts for Worship and feature Casting Crowns! To claim your free ticket for SPARK, go here ---> www.thesparkconference.com On this broadcast you will learn: - Rhon's unique calling into ministry from swamp to singing! - How being multi-lingual has helped Rhon minister to churches of all worship styles - When worship is self-medication instead of encountering God - How is your church inviting people to engage in worship? - Moving from singing with your mind to singing with your heart

You are not alone: The value of connections with other disciple makers

We need disciple-makers in our lives if we want to be disciple-makers! This broadcast talks about the challenge of admitting our loneliness to engage in relationships with other disciple-makers. Join Carl Johnson, Leadership Development Pastor at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur, GA, and JR Neal, Minister of Discipleship and Missions at First Baptist Church of Moultrie, GA discuss how to engage with others disciple-makers near you. To belong we all need to be noticed, be named, and known. Hear about how a Learning Community near you can help you belong! https://gabaptist.org/discipleship/#learning Loneliness Stats in America: 1. Loneliness has adverse health effects equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day 2. 1/3 of people in marriages are lonely 3. 35% say they have no one to turned to when they are stressed. 4. Gen Z reported 79% felt lonely in 2019 compared to Silent Gen at 38% 5. Over 60% of young adults have less than 3 meaningful adult interactions a day

Conflict from Friendly Fire: Dr. Frank & Mary Cox

Conflict. Not something that we like or ever look forward to. Most people don’t. But it is a part of all of our lives. Especially since we are leaders. In this broadcast, you will find a few tips for dealing with conflict, and maybe you can find something that will help and encourage you somehow. Because even if you don’t like it, you need to learn how to handle it. Dr. Frank Cox is a native of Tallahassee, Florida and a graduate of Mercer University in Atlanta earned his Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and received his Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta. Pastor Cox has had the unique privilege of pastoring North Metro Baptist Church for 39 years. Mary Cox is the Pastors Wives Consultant at the GBMB since 2004. She has been the volunteer women’s ministry director at North Metro for more than 20 years where her husband, Frank, is senior pastor. Mary understands the overwhelming challenges of trying to balance a pastor's wife's relationship with God, their family life, their church life, and their community.

SPARK Highlight: Church Security with Ben O'Neal

Imagine a crisis in your church that was caused by an issue that was out of your control. That lack of security inhibits participation in the discipleship process at your church. People will not come to a church or participate in discipleship groups that they feel are unsafe and certainly will not bring their children to a church in which they call in to question the security effectiveness. Ben O'Neil with the GBMB will help us address: Why is church security more important today than in the past? What are the effects of someone coming in and causing a crisis in your church? How are we preparing our churches so they can mitigate an active attack? Why are Georgia gun laws playing an important role in preparing our churches when it comes to security? Understanding the inner workings of a church is key to the success of a security program. Strategically placing security in your church and having the proper response is critical to the success and growth of a congregation.

5 Mistakes Youth Pastors are Making Post-COVID and Discipleship Lessons All Church Leaders Can Learn | Chris Trent, NextGen Catalyst GBMB

Chris Trent is the product of youth ministry (and God’s grace) having been invited to summer camp by a youth pastor at the end of his 11th-grade year. He trusted Christ at that camp and has been involved in youth ministry ever since that moment 30+ years ago. He is the author of Consider This: A Youth Minister’s Guide to Longevity and co-host of the Youth Ministry for the Longer Haul Podcast. Having recently wrapped up 16 ½ years as the Middle School Pastor and Student Pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist in Marietta, Georgia he now serves as the Next Gen Catalyst for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. He lives in Marietta, GA with his wife, Wendy, and two kids, Dillon and Abby. Graduated from the University of Mobile and MDiv from Southwestern 1. Laying aside effective ministry practices developed during covid. 2. Focusing more on kids that are not coming back rather than kids that do come back. 3. Planning more for fun instead of spiritual development. 4. Thinking students are the same as they were a year ago. 5. Believing that they're back in a time of maintaining rather than rebuilding.

Time Management | Brent Crow, VP of SLU

Brent Crowe is a thought-provoking visionary and communicator who has a passion to present the life changing message of the gospel. Brent uses humor and real-life situations to relate to people at the heart of their struggles. The roles of husband, father, minister, evangelist, author and leader have allowed Brent to influence people from all walks of life throughout his twenty years in ministry. Engaging issues such as leadership, culture, and change, Brent speaks to hundreds of thousands across the nation and abroad each year and is currently serving as Vice President for Student Leadership University, a program that has trained over one hundred and fifty thousand students to commit themselves to excellence.

Discipleship in a Replant or Church Plant | Mark Clifton, NAMB & Rolando Castro GBMB

In 2019, approximately 3,000 Protestant churches were started in the U.S., but 4,500 Protestant churches closed. Mark Clifton is the senior director of replanting at the North American Mission Board. Mark has served as a pastor, church planter, church revitalizer, mission strategist, coach, and mentor to young leaders. He has planted and replanted numerous churches and served as a national and regional leader for church planting and missions. He is currently replanting Linwood Baptist Church near Kansas City. Rolando Castro is a Church Planting Consultant at Georgia Baptist Mission Board. He is a vital part of our Missions Consultant team to engage local communities and see new churches planted in Georgia.

6 Dangers in Missions | Buck Burch, Missions Catalyst GBMB

Do you know how to mitigate real threats on a mission trip? What about minimizing legal liability? There are 6 dangers in missions you need to know about, and we are here to help! Through a consultation with your regional missions consultant, we can help you identify the places your church can strategically engage locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. And we can help you formulate a realistic plan to multiply the active involvement of your people in mission endeavors.

Lifeway Spring Update - Dr. Ben Mandrell, Lifeway President and CEO

Take a moment and get to know Ben Mandrell and find out what Lifeway is planning in 2021. In this broadcast you will: - Hear from Scott and Ben on leading and family dynamics - Discover Lifeway's ministry focus on moving forward - Ben shares how churches can have the biggest impact in coming years - Learn key leadership skills for future church leaders

Can Sunday School and Home Groups Co-Exist?

Is it possible to do traditional Sunday School and home groups? With change comes struggle, but it also opens the door for new creative ideas to make disciples. Scott Smith, Discipleship Pastor at Lakewood BC, talks about he personally piloted home groups for years before looking to deploy it as a strategy at their church. Gary Lewis, the Lead Pastor at FBC Rincon, sat down with all his leaders and just asked how many people were actually coming to Sunday School. As a result, they opened the option for home groups and saw growth in the number of people impacted related to the number of discipleship options they offered.

Is Seminary Right for Me? | Dr. Emir Caner: President of Truett McConnell University

Learners are leaders. Dr. Caner, president of Truett McConnell University, has a passion for lifelong learning and equipping the called to do ministry work. In this episode, you will hear Dr. Caner talk about his family, call to ministry, and your next step if you are interested in seminary. PJ shares his struggles with reading and that we can not avoid reading, we need to seek out relevant topics to consume. Scott looks at what it means to be called to ministry and directly related to a call to prepare. Most importantly, Dr. Caner shares his favorite places to eat near campus and why Cincinnati Chili is unique!

From Social Media to Social Ministry - Book Review with Meredith Harris

From Social Media to Social Ministry outlines core digital discipleship principles and provides practical instruction for how to do it no matter how big or small a local church may be. In this broadcast, you will hear: - Social media platforms defined and their unique use - Why Facebook maybe the only "true" social media platform - How millennials' relationship with Facebook has changed since it was launched - Scott's journey with social media and using it in ministry - How your church can reach your local community with social media

Do we REALLY need to update our by-laws: Harrison Smith | Regional Director with Alliance Defending Freedom

What is Alliance Defending Freedom and how does it help our Georgia Baptist Churches? Hear from Harrison Smith the Regional Director of ADF and why it is vital to get in a rhythm of updating your church bylaws.

Why should I survey my congregation? Bryan Rose | Senior Lead Navigator at Auxano

Auxano has a newly developed suite of tools designed specifically for post-pandemic churches. You can learn how to hone your listening skills and leverage the impact of third-party surveys in order to truly hear from your people in this broadcast. It’s time for a survey to help you hear from your congregation after a challenging year of ministry. More Information on the Church Next Survey -> https://www.churchnextsurvey.com/

Stop waiting to change your groups | Steve Parr & Jay Hackett

Steve Parr | Director at Gwinnett Metro Baptist Association Jay Hackett | Senior Pastor at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church

Can Churches Keep Young Adults Coming Back? | Aaron Earls with Lifeway Research

10 Characteristics of Churches That Keep Young Adults: A Lifeway Research study of young adults raised in the church discovered certain characteristics can have an impact on the likelihood they drop out of church. The good news for small churches is that neither the size of the church or the size of the student ministry has any influence on drop-out rates. The most important characteristics are ones that every church can strive to embrace.

The Big Invite | Easter Guest Follow-up as a Bi-Vocational Pastor

It is easy to neglect or overlook guest follow-up. In a single staff church or as a bi-vocational pastor, it can seem overwhelming to be the person who has to do it all. After all, getting people through the door is more straightforward than getting them to stick around. So ask your self: • How effective is your church at getting guests to return and to connect? • Does your church have a clear and practical pathway for a guest follow-up? • How do you know if it is working? • Do you have a volunteer or group of volunteers to make contacts?

The Big Invite | Connecting Easter Guest to Existing Groups

With Resurrection Sunday just around the corner, even as covid-19 lingers, excitement builds as we anticipate the guests and occasional attendees who will fill our worship centers. Our creative wheels turn when we dream of engaging these guests who become Christ-followers and regular attenders. What's your strategy?

Watershed Discipleship | Moving from Doing to Equipping with guest Dr. Thomas Hammond

Disciple-making pastors lead disciple-making churches. As a church leader, you are not exempt from the personal call of every believer to make disciples. Preaching and ministry were a part of Jesus’ disciple-making process. However, most of his time was spent personally discipling those who would carry his message forward and birth the church.

Watershed Discipleship | Making and Multiplying Disciples

In other words, the greatest (recorded) temptation we see in the life of the Lord Jesus was just before He began making and multiplying disciples.

Watershed Discipleship | Moving from Consumers to Co-Laborers

One of the most challenging pivots for churches to make is helping their members understand that every believer should serve, not sit.

Watershed Discipleship | Cultivating Teachers to Produce World-Impacting Disciples

Great knowledge of scripture can be academic, but an application of that knowledge is life-changing.

Watershed Discipleship | Keep the Flame Hot - Linking Evangelism and Discipleship

We learned from our teacher how to trim the fuel and oxygen mix to produce a blue flame because that was the hottest flame we could get. This allowed us to properly heat whatever liquid or solid that we were working within the lab. Evangelizing our community reminds me of my time in a science lab and working to keep the flame hot on my burner. How do we keep the flame hot for evangelism? Do we foster a culture in our church of people who desire to reach lost people and understand it is their calling as a follower of Jesus Christ?

Watershed Discipleship | Finding Balance in Discipleship

“As believers engage in multiple layers of ministry, you will see a higher rate of connection, stronger commitment, and deeper levels of spiritual maturity. Providing a balanced framework of ministry opportunities is crucial to grow and sustain a healthy church.”

New Members Class: Joining a Church During a Pandemic

Don't assume people will be disciples, have intentional pathways, like a new members class, to onboard them to a discipleship pathway. The new member class is not for the size of new members, but the intentionality of discipleship for churches of any size.

Watershed Discipleship | Creating discipleship pathways during COVID-19

Every church should purpose to make disciples of Jesus Christ in ongoing relational environments that seek spiritual maturity and multiplication. Many churches in our lifetime have depended on programs to reach people, retain people, and make spiritually mature disciple makers. This plan is not working. Dr. David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group, shares that, in 2000, 45 percent of church attenders were considered practicing Christians and in 2020 only 25 percent are considered practicing Christians.

Join a Learning Community in 2021

"Full transparency, this is the hardest ministry season I have ever experienced. I'm not going anywhere or anything, just at a point where I don't have a lot of excitement about the next several months. I do look forward to our (Learning Community) meetings."

The 5 Discipleship SHIFTS

The 5 Discipleship SHIFTS Most Churches NEED TO MAKE To Produce World-Impacting Disciple Makers

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