Young Adults and Their First Steps in Disciple-Making

Join Ray & PJ as they co-host a talk on the first steps young adults (ages 15-25) take to own and grow in their disciple-making journey. We will have GA Baptist BCM leaders Beverly Skinner, Baptist Collegiate Ministry Director with the GBMB, David Williams, BCM Campus Minister at Valdosta State and previously FCA area director and pastor. On this broadcast, the team discusses: • The transformation from high school to college age to single adult regarding discipleship • Gen Z communicated in a recent study by Springtide Research that… o 52% have little to no trust in organized religion o 1/3 say a faith community is not important o 1 in 5 say they don't try to live out their beliefs  • How David sees Gen Z interact regarding their faith and discipleship during his time pastoring and leading a successful local FCA • The way students age 15-20 change dramatically in asking questions regarding their faith • The importance of mentors to young adults • Beverly's "next step" that students take while at college • We need to know more about the person's life stage to relate to them first instead of building a program they need to join. • The difference for on-campus students, commuter students, and adults 18-22 not enrolled in college for disciple-making • The need for relationships at the center of any stage for young adults • Ray talks about his sons through this season of their life and the different ways the BCM supports students who don't even attend their events • Beverly breaks down the focus of the BCM and how they empower churches • David demonstrates the way local churches can partner with the BCM and the disciple-making process • PJ talks about when "adulting" happen and when someone identified as single • Adulting is primarily ownership of their life, surrendering their life to Jesus • The age for first-time marriage in America is 31 for men and 29 for women, churches that know their young adults are single will reach them
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