Where Your Preaching and Personal Journey Fit in Disciplemaking - Chris Winford & Kyle Walker

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Where preaching fits into a churches disciple making plan.
  • Ideas to engage your church from the pulpit that leads to a next step in discipleship.
  • How important it is to think and pray through the invitation, just like the rest of the message.
  • That public proclamation (preaching) is not the only tool to make disciples.
  • The art of engaging people and equipping them to serve.
  • The digital footprint is now the first impression for many.
  • Technology in church is a great avenue to involve young generations.
  • The shift to hybrid worship (in-person and online) brings accountability in what we say and a stark reminder that many more people are watching than what you know.
  • US is not #3 behind India and China in the number of people who profess to NOT be a Christian, Craig Etheridge in his book, BOLD.
  • Outreach Magazine says that remote learning “threatens the $670 billion college-industrial complex. It also threatens the traditional approaches to discipleship.”
  • Fight for relationship and the right to speak truth into another’s life, not just to assert your authority.
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