Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applied to Discipleship for Gospel Impact

Scott N. Smith is the Communications Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board (GBMB). He was brought on the GBMB team in 2012 after he had built a digital consultancy for churches while traveling in full-time evangelism for 17 years. Scott's expertise in digital strategy and his broad engagement with hundreds of churches created an understanding of what churches need to use digital effectively. He recently did a series of Facebook live events in which his video on Artificial Intelligence went viral with high engagement. 
PJ Dunn was between two Scotts (Scott Sullivan and Scott Smith) on this broadcast as the team dived into AI and applied it to discipleship that advances the Gospel:
  • Scott Smith lays a definition of AI for the audience.
  • Looking into the flaws of AI and how it takes on thinking processes.
  • AI doesn't add to knowledge but helps humans do things quicker and more efficiently.
  • Practical uses of AI with sermon and discipleship preparation.
  • Somewhat like using a commentary. The medium is different, but the application is the same.
  • You can give personal prompts to AI to determine the output.
  • Is AI strengthening, or is it pushing you over to lethargy?
  • See AI as a way to gain time back in your day and as an assistant.
  • It can't replace personal study and connection to the Lord and Holy Spirit.
  • AI can't duplicate uniqueness as you can.
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