A Roadmap to Biblical Manhood with Josh Smith

Dr. Josh Smith is the Pastor of Prince Avenue Baptist in Bogart, GA. He is the author of Preaching for a Verdict, co-author of the Psalm 1-50 volume in the Christ-Centered Exposition Series, his latest work, The Titus Ten. Pastor Josh has ministered in more than 30 countries, worked with international students at Duke University, and served as a missionary in central Europe.
FUN Facts: Josh has 4 daughters and wrote a book for MEN!! He was raised with a deep love for all things Elvis!
In this episode, Josh and Scott explore:

Why men need to be grounded in the Word
  • What is real success in local church men’s ministry and why the need for consistent “movement” among our men?
  • The need for men to take dominion over 4 domains: the flesh, home, work, and the church.
  • How men who have never been discipled learn to disciple others
  • Keys to get men serving in your local church
  • Why do men seem so hesitant to volunteer in most churches?
  • Where do small groups or Sunday School classes fit into effective men’s ministry?
  • Josh makes a bold claim that men cannot fulfill God’s design for their lives without being involved in the local church.
  • Why delayed gratification may be the missing link in many of our men’s lives?
  • And why YOLO may be the most important acronym for men in 2023!
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