IMPACT Ministries Curriculum Review

Scott Sullivan and Carl Johnson interview Ken Adams, pastor at Crossroads Church Newnan, Georgia and the President of IMPACT Ministries. IMPACT Ministries has a full line of resources developed to help disciples make fully trained disciples.

In this episode:
  • Ken shares how IMPACT Ministries was birthed and how leaders all over the world are using the material.
  • Ken shares how IMPACT resources may be different from others.
  • Carl shares from experience that the material shows the heart of a disciple making pastor and helps the disciple learn to live a disciple making journey.
  • We learn the purpose of curriculum and how it can be used effectively to guide one’s journey.
  • Solid biblical curriculum always points people to scripture as the source of faith and practice.
  • Ken shares practical ideas how IMPACT curriculum is used at Crossroads Church.
  • Scott shares that healthy churches multiply disciples, multiply groups, and multiply churches. And curriculum can be a guide to help you align the theology for a seamless biblical focus.
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