5 Mistakes Youth Pastors are Making Post-COVID and Discipleship Lessons All Church Leaders Can Learn | Chris Trent, NextGen Catalyst GBMB

Chris Trent is the product of youth ministry (and God’s grace) having been invited to summer camp by a youth pastor at the end of his 11th-grade year. He trusted Christ at that camp and has been involved in youth ministry ever since that moment 30+ years ago. He is the author of Consider This: A Youth Minister’s Guide to Longevity and co-host of the Youth Ministry for the Longer Haul Podcast. Having recently wrapped up 16 ½ years as the Middle School Pastor and Student Pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist in Marietta, Georgia he now serves as the Next Gen Catalyst for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. He lives in Marietta, GA with his wife, Wendy, and two kids, Dillon and Abby. Graduated from the University of Mobile and MDiv from Southwestern 1. Laying aside effective ministry practices developed during covid. 2. Focusing more on kids that are not coming back rather than kids that do come back. 3. Planning more for fun instead of spiritual development. 4. Thinking students are the same as they were a year ago. 5. Believing that they're back in a time of maintaining rather than rebuilding.
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