Disciple-Making Culture with Brandon Guindon

A disciple-making culture has to have a Biblical understanding of Love at its foundation. This broadcast features two of the best speakers on this issue in the nation, Brandon Guindon and our own PJ Dunn. Brandon has led churches worldwide to become healthy and effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ. He was ordained at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, ID and planted Real Life Ministries Texas in 2016. He has authored and co-authored several publications on biblical discipleship, including Disciple-Making Culture, Stay the Course, and the Real Life Discipleship Training Manual. In this broadcast, the team talks about: • Scott shares at the end the most significant lesson he has ever learned as a disciple and dad • We find out Brandon is an avid bowhunter and PJ played the sousaphone in High School! • PJ starts the discussion by recapping Brandon's book, Disciple Making Culture • Brandon shares why love is the core of all disciple-making efforts • Look at why it is so hard to love God and love others • How the GA Baptist Disciple team used Brandon's book as an equipping tool • Scott's new Parti Yorkie shows him a core discipleship principle • Unpack "A loving culture does not require us to solve everyone's problems." • We listen to people with the intent to respond but we need to listen to understand them. • 3 thoughts on "Strategy won't make a lasting impact if disciple-making is not who we are" • Ask yourself the tricky question, "Am I living out the Great Commission?". • "Creating a disciple-making culture requires careful pruning" How do pastors and disciple-makers do that? • How can disciple-makers stay the course in disciple-making? • Understand, "what is the win?" that helps you understand what you are pruning. • PJ pointed out that we have to measure to scripture and not programs. • Brandon and PJ advise leaders on where to start to make this shift to Great Commission disciples
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