How Can I Make Disciples When I am Too Busy? | The Gibb's Family

Family, work, church, friends, school, sports, fun, vacations, crisis, games, volunteering, etc. This list goes on and on of things that make our lives busy! So can we be disciple-makers in a life filled with endless activity begging for our attention? How can we find the time? Being a disciple-maker is not going to happen on accident; it is a choice we have to make. Meet the Gibbs family! Matthew Gibbs is a Discipleship Consultant in the East Central Region with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. For many disciple-makers who have a busy family life, the idea of finding regular time to invest in one another plus make time for our walk with the lord can seem impossible. We meet with part of the Gibbs family to see how they find ways to navigate these challenges. - Matthew: Dad, Father, Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship with Second Baptist Warner Robbins & Part-Time Discipleship Consultant - Kathy: Mom, Wife, Principal at David-Perdue Primary School - Mary Beth: Daughter, Sister, Student at Kennesaw State University and Marketing at KSU Athletics Read the blog: In this broadcast we talk about: -Strong time management can increase work effectiveness by 25-50% in the average leader’s life - Commit to the call to make disciples - Allowing time that is spent with Jesus to be your treasure, NOT your ticket to find a treasure! - God calls us to do two things well: abide & abound and we will never abound until we abide - Creating and guarding margin to make disciples can keep you from going down a "dark path" of leadership failure.
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