Key Shifts to Lead an Historic Church to Make Disciples and Value of Cooperative Program

Dr. Kevin Williams has been the pastor of First Baptist Church Villa Rica, Georgia for the past nine years. He is finishing his second term as President of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. Dr. Williams was one of the few individuals to receive the ARCOM badge which for the ARMY is the peacetime version of the Bronze Star Medal to recognize outstanding performance. Kevin has a passion for world-wide missions and evangelism. Fun Fact: Kevin hung upside down from a helicopter in Tokyo, Japan. He was married in the US Embassy in Japan, but he and his wife are actually from my same hometown! In today’s episode: • Kevin shares that the greatest form of discipleship is grabbing someone by the hand and showing them how to do it. • Kevin shares how to connect a local church’s mission efforts to the command to make disciples not just make converts. • The benefits for members going on mission out of state as well as in the ministry area where you serve. • “One’s capacity to lead publicly is based on their commitment to grow personally.” • Kevin shares lessons learned to lead an historic existing church to make shifts that increase gospel impact, build momentum, and won’t get you fired. • Senior Adults can be the “canary in the coal mine” giving indication of whether the atmosphere in the church is toxic or life giving. • Scott shares that “healthy leaders look more like an iceberg than an icicle”. • Kevin talks about navigating the rough days when people push back on your attempts to move forward. • How to create an atmosphere where everyone feels an open door with you to share their heart but still respects your authority. • The value of leading your church to give to the Cooperative Program even when you do not agree with everyone. • If Satan is not bothering you, then you’re probably not bothering him. • Two practices of effective leaders that create and sustain momentum: focus on solutions and learn to CEO your situation!
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