Kingdom Minded Discipleship

Dr. Wunch is the Mallory Baptist Associational Missionary and host of Wunchtime (, a podcast specifically for the bi-vocational pastor to thrive in ministry. Dr. Wunch has recently released a book “Proclaiming the Kingdom of God, " which focuses on helping church members overcome barriers to understanding the Kingdom of God. Discipleship consultants Dr. PJ Dunn and Ray Sullivan also join in on this discussion and dive into why this issue matters for disciple-making. In this broadcast, the team discusses: • Jesus talked about the Kingdom more than any other topic in the NT • Hans talks about why he chooses to focus on this topic • Ray spells out the difference between kingdom rain and Kingdom Reign • Look at how the Kingdom issue has been misunderstood for years • Practical ways to incorporate Kingdom theology all year in your sermon prep • A Kingdom mindset impacts the ways disciple-making • How the heart of the Kingdom connects to a disciple-making process
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