Leading Self Before Leading Others

Randy Gravitt is an author, speaker, and executive coach who encourages leaders to reach their potential. In 2014 Randy founded INTEGREAT Leadership where he currently serves as the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), leading a team of coaches and consultants who work with high-performance leaders and organizations all over the world. Randy works with companies like Chick-fil-A, Grand Hyatt, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kroger, and the Winshape Foundation. He has also served as one of the leadership coaches for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Buffalo Bills. Randy’s books include Finding Your Way and Unstuck. Both titles are aimed at helping leaders discover their passion and live fully engaged lives. Randy also has a daily podcast, Chasing Greatness, aimed at helping leaders win at work, win at home, and win at life. In this episode Randy and Scott discuss: • FUN FACT: a girl dad with a wife and four daughters; he cries the most at movies!! • “Silence does not make it on your calendar by accident” • How one’s commitment to be quiet is connected to their ability to think deeply • That having a “failing forward” mindset can help a leader turn a failure into a launchpad instead of a landing pad • Leaders need courage to thrive and should acknowledge their fear, embrace the risk, and initiate action. • Reasons why many leaders stall out in the initiate phase of leading • Why accepting responsibility is a key leadership trait • Where curiosity fits in to the “leading self” discussion and how can we fan that flame in leaders around us • That one’s willingness to learn is attached to their ability to grow • Scott shares the hardest “leading self” question that the Lord has posed to him since moving to Georgia three years ago
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