SPARK Highlight: Church Security with Ben O'Neal

Imagine a crisis in your church that was caused by an issue that was out of your control. That lack of security inhibits participation in the discipleship process at your church. People will not come to a church or participate in discipleship groups that they feel are unsafe and certainly will not bring their children to a church in which they call in to question the security effectiveness. Ben O'Neil with the GBMB will help us address: Why is church security more important today than in the past? What are the effects of someone coming in and causing a crisis in your church? How are we preparing our churches so they can mitigate an active attack? Why are Georgia gun laws playing an important role in preparing our churches when it comes to security? Understanding the inner workings of a church is key to the success of a security program. Strategically placing security in your church and having the proper response is critical to the success and growth of a congregation.
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