VR Discipleship: Relationships Matter for Every Reality

Join our panel discussion on ways Virtual Reality (VR) can drive discipleship. Our team will introduce churches to meaningful applications of VR in the local church and online. Joining us on this broadcast are: • Dr. PJ Dunn: Not so closet nerd and NW and NE GA Baptist Discipleship Consultant • Carl Johnson: WC Discipleship consultant and discipleship pastor at Peace Baptist Church • Mike Wynn: Adults pastor at North Star Church in Kennesaw and started VR outreach over 2 years ago • Cole Ragsdale: Reach pastor at North Star Church in Kennesaw and lead on VR outreach and discipleship • Tim Steele: Cross Waves Church founding pastor a home church model church, and VR explorer • Justin Nava: Cross Waves Church communications director and navigating VR relationships In this conversation, we will address: • Justin talks about how the Metaverse is the new Corinth • In disciple-making, relationships always matter, and VR is no different • PJ highlights some common pushbacks regarding VR/Online engagement • Culture has to drive acceptance of a VR strategy, not the strategy • Mike & Cole share that North Star's interest in VR in evangelism • Cole breaks down how gatherings in VR can be worship, discipleship, and prayer • Using VR as a training tool to share the Gospel! • Tim & Justin share a one-to-one conversation approach to Cross Wave's focus on VR • The conversation first focuses on meeting people and connecting (walking the streets) • Justin discusses moving conversations on the "street" into spiritual life change • Tim demonstrates how Avatars create space for people to open up and be themselves and that there is no difference between the VR realm or our in-person relationships • Carl breaks down the theological challenges VR presents to the church • All guest share one way to have relational engagement online to focus on discipleship • PJ's reminder that relationships always matter regardless of what realm or reality you are in • We all have different cultures and know your people well enough to understand how to apply this type of technology to advance the Gospel
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