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Watershed Discipleship | Making and Multiplying Disciples

In other words, the greatest (recorded) temptation we see in the life of the Lord Jesus was just before He began making and multiplying disciples.

Watershed Discipleship | Moving from Consumers to Co-Laborers

One of the most challenging pivots for churches to make is helping their members understand that every believer should serve, not sit.

Watershed Discipleship | Cultivating Teachers to Produce World-Impacting Disciples

Great knowledge of scripture can be academic, but an application of that knowledge is life-changing.

Watershed Discipleship | Keep the Flame Hot - Linking Evangelism and Discipleship

We learned from our teacher how to trim the fuel and oxygen mix to produce a blue flame because that was the hottest flame we could get. This allowed us to properly heat whatever liquid or solid that we were working within the lab. Evangelizing our community reminds me of my time in a science lab and working to keep the flame hot on my burner. How do we keep the flame hot for evangelism? Do we foster a culture in our church of people who desire to reach lost people and understand it is their calling as a follower of Jesus Christ?

Watershed Discipleship | Finding Balance in Discipleship

“As believers engage in multiple layers of ministry, you will see a higher rate of connection, stronger commitment, and deeper levels of spiritual maturity. Providing a balanced framework of ministry opportunities is crucial to grow and sustain a healthy church.”

New Members Class: Joining a Church During a Pandemic

Don't assume people will be disciples, have intentional pathways, like a new members class, to onboard them to a discipleship pathway. The new member class is not for the size of new members, but the intentionality of discipleship for churches of any size.

Watershed Discipleship | Creating discipleship pathways during COVID-19

Every church should purpose to make disciples of Jesus Christ in ongoing relational environments that seek spiritual maturity and multiplication. Many churches in our lifetime have depended on programs to reach people, retain people, and make spiritually mature disciple makers. This plan is not working. Dr. David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group, shares that, in 2000, 45 percent of church attenders were considered practicing Christians and in 2020 only 25 percent are considered practicing Christians.

Join a Learning Community in 2021

"Full transparency, this is the hardest ministry season I have ever experienced. I'm not going anywhere or anything, just at a point where I don't have a lot of excitement about the next several months. I do look forward to our (Learning Community) meetings."

The 5 Discipleship SHIFTS

The 5 Discipleship SHIFTS Most Churches NEED TO MAKE To Produce World-Impacting Disciple Makers

2020 Recap and Looking Ahead to 2021 | Dr. Levi Skipper and Dr. Scott Sullivan

Hear from Dr. Scott Sullivan our Georgia Baptist Discipleship Catalyst and Dr. Levi Skipper Church Strengthening Catalyst recap a year of discipleship in 2020 and look forward to 2021!

Shifting the Mindset of Discipleship

Start where you are to get where you want to go. Changing the mindset of a disciple.

Discover D-Life | Guest: Founder Bill Wilks

D-Life was born out of a burden to see a real and reproducible process for disciple-making. Through an in-depth study of the four Gospels, the simple disciple-making process of Jesus was made clear.

Discover the Bonhoeffer Project - Guest Jim Thomas

The Bonhoeffer Project is grounded in the foundation Christ built while on earth. True discipleship is only effective when it is steeped in the gospel.

Ken Adams: Impact Discipleship

Ken Adams was called as the first pastor of Crossroads Church in Newnan, Georgia in 1989. He was passionate about the Great Commission and wanted his church to be a part of the movement and mission of Jesus. Ken wanted everything at Crossroads to revolve around being and building disciples of Jesus.

Refreshing Your Small Groups

If there is any “good” to come out of our current COVID-19 crisis, it’s that churches have been forced to reexamine the health of their current programs and ministries. What was working to help create disciples nine months ago may no longer be as effective.

Where have all the volunteers gone?

The new and challenging circumstances we face in 2020 with a pandemic and churches trying to figure out how to safely re-open, and the challenge becomes even more difficult. As churches open up and provide ministry programs, finding, recruiting, and training volunteers has now become a tremendous discussion and frustration subject.

55+ Adults: Returning to Church

Join us as we talk about Adults 55+ Returning to Church with guest Benny Pate & Consultant Michael Taylor!

Refreshing Your Approach to Reaching Singles

Is your church single friendly?

Men’s Ministry: It’s Okay to Dream Small

"Does your current ministry to men feel like a valley of dry bones? Are you looking for ways to breathe new life into your men’s ministry? Are you contemplating your next event or outreach strategy? Maybe it’s time to change things up a little. Go against the flow. Think about efficiency and effectiveness. The answer might be to think smaller in order to grow larger."

"Re-Start" Sunday School

Is it time for a facilities update?

"As any renovation or building project begins we should all remember that everything we do as a church should point people to the Gospel message."

Discover Georgia Baptist Disciple-Making Network

Discover Georgia Baptist Disciple-Making Network

Online Campus Alignment

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our churches. With many churches moving worship online, and planning to continue to do so, how will your church empower volunteers to help you address this new platform?

Starting or Reinventing a Ministry to Senior Adults

Ministry to and with older adults is changing. In an unstable world, this provides a unique opportunity for churches to start or revamp the way they approach ministry to senior adults. We not only want to provide ministry that helps this age group reach and disciple their peers, but we also want to provide ministry that encourages and enables them to “pass the baton” to future generations.

Is it time for a facilities check-up

An annual check-up or assessment is a great way to avoid potential problems and concerns and to make sure that the church facility or facilities are in good shape.

Is Men's Ministry Still Relevant in the Church

As I travel throughout Southeast Georgia and speak with pastors, I often ask the question, “How is your men’s ministry?” Following the eye roll, the response is usually two-fold. “We’re hanging in there, but numbers are falling.” Or, more prevalent, “We no longer have a specific men’s ministry.” This has led me to ponder: Is a targeted ministry to men still important in today’s church?

Why Small Groups

Perhaps, like my wife and me, you have at one time had the privilege of parenting a 4-year-old. As the mom and dad of four little boys, we have had this opportunity twice and will soon have again. We’re certainly not “experts,” but — having walked through this season several times now — we have learned a few things about how a 4-year old thinks. This much I know, there is one word that every 4-year-old knows. It seems like our kids are just born with an awareness of this word. They love this word, because it flows from their lips often.

Why a church should adopt an intentional disciple making pathway

Every church should have an intentional pathway to make disciples of Jesus Christ in ongoing relational environments that seek spiritual maturity and multiplication. In my opinion, most American churches in our lifetime have depended on a program to reach people, retain people, and make spiritually mature disciple makers.

Big 4 of Sunday School

The Sunday school (your ongoing Sunday morning small groups strategy) is the best tool you have to do Great Commission ministry. But nothing good will come from classes and groups if you put them on autopilot. You’ve got to be intentional! I think that too many times we focus on the wrong things with our Sunday schools. I would encourage you to make sure your Sunday is focused on TEACHING, CARING, REACHING and REPRODUCING.

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